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When Do You Need a Crown vs a Filling?

A man in a dentist's chair having a conversation with his dentist that is holding a clip board writing something down

The advances in cosmetic dentistry have resulted in multiple helpful procedures to help you reach your smile goals. Your dental professional is well equipped to perform dental procedures such as crowns and fillings, but navigating through when you need different procedures can be confusing.  Let’s look at what crowns and fillings are, including how to […]

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How Do Dentists Fix Cavities?

A close-up view of a dentist using a small handheld mirror to better view a cavity

Cavities are common conditions your dentist can treat, but how do they do this? Your dentist has several ways to address tooth decay effectively with today’s technology. No matter the severity, your cavity can be dealt with.  Continue reading to learn more about how dentists fix cavities, including the different procedures available.  How Do Cavities […]

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