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Compassionate Dental Care for Your Child

At Palermo Village Dental, our dentists in Oakville treat our patients with compassion and respect for their individual needs at every age. Along with a comprehensive exam, cleaning, and orthodontic screening, we help your child learn about keeping their teeth clean with tips that make sense to them.

If your child needs a cavity filled or other dental work that typically requires a drill, we’ll use our Solea dental laser to provide them with a drill-free, blood-free, and comfortable procedure. 

Throughout your child’s appointment, we’ll do whatever we can to create a comfortable, friendly environment for them so they can feel good about going to the dentist.

The Importance of Dental Exams For Kids

Regular oral exams and cleanings are an essential part of your child’s health care. The Canadian Dental Association recommends an exam and cleaning every 6 months, starting from the appearance of their first tooth. 

We encourage you to bring in your infant even before their first tooth appears, particularly if they’re having any trouble feeding. We can assess them for a tongue tie or lip tie that could be contributing to distress or poor nursing.

Every exam is a chance for your dentist to catch any emerging issues and treat them before they cause bigger problems.

Drill-Free Fillings for Kids

Dental anxiety can start very young. In fact, one survey found about half of kids had some nervousness about going to the dentist—and 36% were scared about it. Laser dentistry may help them feel calmer about a visit to the dentist.

About Solea Laser for Kids

If your child needs a cavity filled, we’ll use our Solea dental laser in pursuit of a faster, calmer procedure.

The laser allows us to perform most procedures without anesthesia, which means:

  • No needle
  • No numbness
  • Often a shorter appointment
  • Your child can eat and drink right after their procedure

What to Expect During Your Child’s Exam

Your child’s appointment always includes a friendly introduction to their dentist and hygienist. The exam will vary a bit based on their age and their personal oral health needs, but here is an overview of what to expect.

Your Child’s First Appointment

Your child’s first appointment includes:

  • An evaluation of their overall oral health
  • An assessment of their jaws for appropriate growth
  • A check for any breathing, nursing, or swallowing concerns
  • Gentle stain or deposit removal with a brush or cloth
  • An evaluation for any sores or bumps in their mouth
  • Recommendation for a fluoride supplement, if needed
  • An assessment of the effects of any thumb-sucking or pacifier use

Your child will receive a thorough teeth-cleaning at their appointment along with hygiene advice appropriate for their age. Your dentist or hygienist may also:

  • Perform an evaluation of your child’s overall oral health
  • Apply sealants to protect teeth that are susceptible to decay to protect them against cavities
  • Repair cavities with our Solea dental laser
  • Look for any problems with your child’s bite and refer you to orthodontic care, if needed
  • Take dental x-rays, if necessary, for diagnosis and treatment

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