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Get Help for Your Jaw Pain

Do you have a sore jaw, headaches, or difficulty opening or closing your mouth? Our dental office in Oakville can provide you with the needed TMJ therapy as this jaw pain and its associated troubles can be a major disruptor to every part of your life.

We encourage you to book a consultation with our dentist so you can get on a journey to finding relief.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder (TMD)

If you’ve been living with the effects of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, also called TMD, you probably already know how severely it can affect your quality of life. One study found it harmed both physical and mental health during socializing and working by contributing to anxiety and depression.

Please book an appointment if you’re experiencing these physical symptoms:

  • Tender or sore jaw muscles: Your jaw may be more painful when you wake up, clench your teeth, chew your food, or yawn.
  • A clicking or grinding noise when you chew or yawn: You may hear clicking or popping when you open your mouth or crunching and grinding sounds when you chew.
  • Problems opening or closing your mouth: It may be hard to open or close your jaw all the way, or your jaw may lock open or closed.
  • Headaches you can’t explain: You may also feel pain in your neck. These may be caused by TMD or by other problems.

What Causes TMD?

The cause of TMD isn’t always clear, and it can be due to a combination of factors. Dr. Blair may recommend a CBCT x-ray as part of your comprehensive diagnosis.

Some common triggers include:

Treatment for TMD

The best treatment for each patient depends on the causes of their TMD. Our dentist will work with you to assess your symptoms and create a custom treatment plan during a consultation. .

Possible treatments for TMD include:

  • Lifestyle changes, including avoiding certain foods or undergoing therapy to reduce stress
  • Jaw stretching exercises
  • Bite guards to prevent teeth grinding
  • Medication to relax the jaw muscles or address inflammation
  • Dental surgery to correct your bite

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