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Financial Policies


We are a fee for service practice, that is, payment is due at the time of service. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Debit, Cash and Cheques. Our fees are base on the current ODA Fee Guide.  We are connected to insurance companies via highspeed internet connection and will process your insurance claims to ensure you receive your reimbursement within 5-7 business days.

Due to the vast number of insurance policies that exist we are not able to tell you specific details about your policy, however, we will gladly help you to understand your policy. Please download the insurance questionnaire, which has the commonly asked questions about dental insurance policies. This information will help us to help you understand your dental insurance.

Insurance Questionnaire PDF

Having dental insurance is a reason to smile but don’t let it limit the care you need or dictate your health. Most insurance policies will provide some or all reimbursement for most of your oral health needs but at times your basic oral health needs may exceed your insurance coverage.  Our doctors will make treatment recommendations based on what is in your best interest to optimize your dental health

No one likes a surprise when it is time to pay, that is why we will explain all treatment and associated costs before proceeding with treatment. In addition, we can send pre-determinations to your insurance company before we proceed with treatment. You will be fully informed before consenting to treatment.


We offer flexible payment plans for comprehensive dental work. In addition, we are pleased to offer Dental Card, the nation’s leading medical and dental care financing program.

It is easy to apply: simply go to

  • Follow the “Apply Now” link at the bottom right of the page
  • Fill out the application
  • In most cases, you will receive a decision immediately

Or you can apply via telephone:

Call 1-888-689-9876 and follow the prompts.


We are happy to reserve appointment times for you to complete your necessary dental care. We understand that emergencies occur and schedules may change, but in order to be able to reserve times that suit your schedule, we require your commitment to the appointment times reserved for your care. We require 2 business days notice of a change to your appointment or a $75 fee may be applied. Please understand that our practice, like any other business, can only remain viable if patients are held accountable for the times we have reserved specifically for them to complete care.


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